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World Adoption Day 2016

‘The Right Way to Adopt’ Campaign


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World adoption day is here! A global day to raise awareness of adoption and celebrate family. The day is marked as a fundraising opportunity to help support families in their adoption process, and is endorsed by ambassadors from all walks of life who recognise the power and beauty of families brought together through adoption.


To celebrate World Adoption Day on 15 November 2016, draw a smiley face on the palms of your hand and take a photo. Post the picture to social media using the hash tag



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Drawing a smiley face on your hand is one of the ways World Adoption Day is recognized and celebrated.


Locally, the National Adoption Coalition of South Africa (NACSA), under its umbrella initiative AddOption, have launched its “Right Way to Adopt” campaign today on World Adoption Day, 15th November 2016, delivering a simple but crucially important message about how to go about adopting a child in the correct and legal manner.


The National Adoption Coalition of South Africa has worked to build communities that put the needs and rights of adoptable children first.
We have seen examples on social media, of desperate mothers advertising children for ‘adoption’ or unregistered and unaccredited baby homes ‘selling’ children to unknowing parents. Abductions are a reality, and unfortunately it is often a result of people not knowing any better and the illegal methods of adoption are mentioned and emphasized as many parents, both biological and adoptive, see these as the “easier route”.


In the campaign the process of adoption is explained in detail. Following the correct process is crucial in ensuring the best outcome is achieved for the birth mother, adoptive parents and, most importantly, the child.

It is important for a family and child to ‘match’ and skipping steps can interfere with this being done effectively!

7-step legal process of adoption as follows:

1. Application

2. Orientation

3. Screening

4. Waiting list

5. Identifying child for adoption

6. Legalisation

7. Finalisation


For more information on the process of adoption, please see the “Adoption Information” tab above.


If you would like access to the campaign material please contact Alley on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Pamphlet (front)

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Pamphlet (back)

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